Classic Series

Our classic drinks that can be served hot or cold and are a great choice for someone looking for quality creamy drinks or tea!

Salted Cheese Series

Our signature rock salt crema topping layered on top of our delicious teas for a creamy, rich drink - can be mixed or drank in layers

Fresh Lemon Series

Lemons - one of our specialties as Happy Lemon! The perfect refreshing, sweet, tart flavors are featured in this section of the menu.

Specialty Series

Cold fruity teas are delicious, especially when you can add toppings to them! These drinks are super refreshing and suit all types of palates so be sure to give it a try!

Smoothie Series

Our blended drinks - thick, creamy, sweet smoothies made from real fresh ingredients and blended to the perfect icy texture. Don't forget to add some boba!

Bubble Waffles

Made fresh to order in front of your eyes, our waffles smell and taste delicious. Don’t forget to ask our bobaristas about the dips that you can add to them!

Pure Tea Series

Give a try to our pure tea series


To add to your beverages or to dip your waffles in!